Reduce Food Waste

Simple Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Home

Wastage of food is a worldwide epidemic and it’s well past time the average person started fighting back. More than one-third of food produced globally is wasted or spoiled and it is more than enough to feed nearly 1 billion hungry people in the world. Cutting back on food waste is incredibly easy and here we are sharing few simple steps to avoid food waste in your very own kitchens and save money as well.

  • Shop your fridge

How many times you do a grocery run before checking your pantry and fridge stock first? I think few of you out there, kudos to you. For the rest, it is essential that before you stock items do check your pantry and even better if you make a list of needed items. Write down what needs to be used each week and plan meals around it. Also, whenever you buy new food items, bring all the older items in your cupboards and fridge to the front. Then there will not be any mouldy surprises next time you go digging for dinner.

  • Store food properly

Spoiled or rotten food is the ultimate bummer. So, one of the easiest way to avoid food wastage is to store them in a way that preserves freshness. If you have extra fruits and veggies, freeze or preserve them so that you can savour their deliciousness for weeks and months to come. Store bananas, apples and tomatoes by themselves. Foods like celery, cauliflower and broccoli should be eaten first as they tend to spoil earlier than rest of the food.

  • Cook smarter

If your recipe calls for half an onion then store the other half in a proper way so that it can be used for other dishes.  That gorgeous bunch of carrots from the farmers market can be used to make pesto. Save the tops and use the rest for the pesto. Do not throw away the broccoli stems as they are the sweetest part, you can cook it along with the florets or make broccoli pesto pasta.

The above-mentioned are few ways with which food wastage can be minimised.